The Most Important Questions And Answers That The Customer Must Know

by Aqaraturk
The Most Important Questions And Answers That The Customer Must Know-media

When a property is sold, registered real estate agents and licensors are entitled to a %2 service charge on the actual selling price of the property from the buyer and the owner of the property separately.

1) Why should I use a real estate agent
Passing through the services of an established company has many advantages Second, you will be able to benefit from our experience, as well as an office that works fully to support you.

2) Who can buy real estate in Turkey
Yeah. All nationalities can buy a property in Turkey. There are only three countries Turkey has frozen diplomatic relations with - North Korea, Armenia, Syria.
Some countries prevent Turkish citizens from owning land. For this reason, these countries are not allowed to own in Turkey. There are some exceptions such as Russia. Russian citizens can buy with special permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

3) What is the title deed Tabu
The title deed shall be called "Tabu" and all real estate transactions of foreigners shall be carried out only through the Directorate of the Land Registry of the relevant area in which the property is located.

4) Do I need a residence permit

5) What is the overall purchase process in Turkey
After paying the booking fee we will check the title deed. A contract will be signed between the seller and the buyer. This will give details of the completion date, payment schedule and terms and conditions. When this is signed by all parties, you will pay the first payment. You then apply for a security clearance to allow you to own real estate in Turkey - often this is done for you by the construction company on your behalf. You can sign a power of attorney to complete all necessary papers, if your circumstances require more.

6) What documents are required
Your passport, which will be copied and translated into Turkish with passport size photographs. The notary's office works alongside the Tabo office and military headquarters in the Aegean Sea. Documents translated by the military will be examined to ensure that there is no record of a criminal act or activity against Turkey, and that any property purchased by an alien is not near a military zone or intended to be used for any military purpose.

7) After I get the license to buy, what will happen next
AQARATURK will execute pre-termination checks. After this you will be able (or the agent of the power of attorney) to sign the contract of transfer of ownership before the official in the Land Registry, which will find you: the official owner of the property. Property tax will be paid at this stage.

8) Are there lawyers who speak English in Turkey
There are lawyers / law officers who speak English and who are reputable and can tell you during your tour.

9) What are the costs of buying real estate in Turkey
All expenses for buying properties here are explained on the website of Aqaraturk.

10) Are there any taxes in progress
State property tax, environmental taxes and wealth tax. However it is relatively low and your lawyer will explain it to you.

11) Can I secure my property
We will help you secure your property

12) Can I rent my property
Yes. The main season is from April to October but you will be able to rent them during the winter months at low prices. At the height of the summer you can expect a more return.

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